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If someone asked you to explain what happens in the movie Jaws, to sum up the essence of the film in a few words, how would you do it?

How about this? People get eaten. The fish gets blown up !!

This site is not designed to spoil anyone's enjoyment by giving away the endings to films but aims to give humorous summaries of famous films, books, plays, etc.

Take some time to have a look at how other people would describe their favorite stories and maybe add one or two of your own while you're here.

There are currently 1115 Endings. Below are some random examples.

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There's this strangler from Boston. And he kills women. And he is killed in prison.
Dahmer talking about
"The Boston Strangler"
Mel Gibson wants to kill himself, Danny Glover wants to retire, and the audience wants to throw up.
Chuck Bronson talking about
"Lethal Weapon"
Well it was a bit damp and Anakin decides to get married and break the rules (Not really the bad boy of the century)
Smelly Jango talking about
"Star Wars - Episode II - Attack of the Clones"
Punk girl learns to love cheerleading. Cheerleaders still have no academic future.
Sylvia talking about
"Bring It On"
Creepy kids at it again, same ending as last one
D Ranged talking about
"Village of the Damned"
A family of superheros to superhuman things in an attempt to save the world from an evil genius. They succeed.
ratnapath talking about
"The Incredibles"

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